You need some VIRTVE! 

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but keep forgetting! 

I know someone who has been globetrotting around the world. She has a severe case of wanderlust! She ended up starting her own website and blog. She has been writing about her journeys around the world and so many different awesome experiences! 

The website is 

It’s pronounced like Virtue. There’s a part called “A year in travel”. Those are all her posts! There is another part to the site called “Millennial Life”. This part has some blogs by her as well as some by others. 

Check it out! Especially if you are someone who loves to travel! I promise…some of her experiences are worth the read!!!!! 


Wanna see???

Just wrote and made an AMAZING blog post! But… is on my new blog.

So….if you want to read about my AMAZING weekend adventure out in the cold with Adorable huskies and my wonderful mountain main husband…..CHECK THIS OUT!

Like my Life is a Lil Crazy Blog?

I won’t be blogging here anymore.

Don’t forget to check out my new blog Live For The Next Adventure. It is everything I want my blog to be and more!!!!

Here we go….

Tomorrow is the day of the new blog!

I am very excited.  I have put lots of time and effort into setting the new blog. When I started this one…I just threw the page together and went with it.  It was a “why not give blogging a try” thought that I ran with.  Now that I’ve been blogging for a while and thoroughly enjoy it…I wanted to make my page more me. 

Everything that happened last year truly  inspired me to start new instead of revamping this page. While I will miss this page…I am excited to start fresh. I can only hope that many of you follow me to my new page.  If you truly enjoy this blog… Please visit the new one and follow me there.  I plan on blogging away at my own leisure like normal with some new twists and additions thrown in!

My new page title is called…

Live For the Next Adventure

That’s what I plan to do!  So….I feel like the title is more than appropriate!  While my life will continue to be a lil crazy…I plan to look things differently and live it to its fullest!

There will be no posts on the page till tomorrow… But as current readers…you get to have a sneak peek at the new page!

I hope to see you all there and hope you love it as much as I do already!
Thanks for following me.  Thanks for all the comments full of fun, support,  and more.  I truly feel like I’ve made some fun Netty friends here and I hope to make some new ones. 

I’m nervous. Probably had something to do with the fact that this new blog feels so much more apart of me than this one ever did and I’m nervous that people won’t like it.  Well…. here we go!!!

That moment when you realize you aren’t going to sleep tonight

Tonight we are down to one child. No…. We didn’t give him away. He didn’t get lost. We didn’t sell him or trade him. He didn’t get horribly hurt or killed in some strange freak accident. (Although with his dare … Continue reading

From start to finish…my days been on a roll.

Today has been quite the entertaining day!

There is already never a dull moment teaching young children, but….even less when you have coworkers like mine. 

Today I walked into work to this…

One of my coworkers wearing a full body iron man costume complete with flip down mask and iron man’s glowing heart energy thingy.

The kids were obviously on cloud9, the parents get such a kick out of it, and is teachers sure had some laughs!!! Great start to a day!!

Then you get the “Teacher. The potty isn’t working.” Go into the bathroom to see the new roll you put in this morning is completely gone….and that 95% of it is in the toilet. 

I went to ask the child who was just in there why he used so much toilet paper. His response…

I took a really REALLY big poop and I needed a lot of toilet paper to take care of my butt.”

Apparently it was a poop so impressive that it required a whole roll. Living with 3 guys…I’ve seen my fair share of left-behinds and TP overkill, but never one so impressive that someone had to come into the bathroom to scoop the toilet paper out because there is absolutely no way that even a plunger would get all that TP down!

I’m just thankful I wasn’t the one doing the scooping because of the pooping. (He he…see what I did there!) 

Ohhhhh the joys of my job!!

Never a dull moment!

That’s it…I quit

Yup….today I quit.

No….I am not quitting blogging.

No……I did not quit my day job!!!

I quit being mom.
No…I’m not kidding. My boys have been going through a nasty phase lately. An “I don’t appreciate anything you do and am going to demand more and complain about everything you cook and do and say” phase. A phase where they made it darn obvious that I am their servant to be bossed around and do as they wish.

I’m usually one of those keep cool and collected kind of people. You know….the ones that are really hard to upset. But also one of the ones that when you do upset them….watch out! I can be scary when I’m mad.

This morning, apparently I couldn’t do anything right and everything was wrong and I am a bad mom because I don’t let them do anything fun and I make them go to school AND they hate school….blah blah blah. 


Mom sucks….mom sucks….mom sucks!

Breaking point? What breaking point? I didn’t break….I blew up. Explosion. The bomb of Pissed off Mom went off. My normal cool, calm, and collected mom-self was a wild crazy screaming mad woman. Despite my anger and yelling….I managed to control my words and made sure they were exactly what I wanted and needed them to be. Not just wild crazy rambling mad woman words. 

Want to hear a pin drop? Want to see two young jaws drop to the floor in stunned silence? That was what happened. I don’t raise my voice often so…mom not only raising her voice, but screaming at the top of her lungs and crying (remember…beyond breaking point) was a site that brought pure and utter shock. 

We finally got in the car and I got to work late and crabby and blah. Talked with hubby on my break. We decided that since they seem to think we are their slaves…we quit. We are going to give them a taste of what we do!

You should have seen the looks on their faces when we explained what was happening later that night when we were all home. They had to do “everything” we do each night. 

First item on their list….laundry!

They were responsible for sorting, loading the washer, taking them out of the washer and putting them into the dryer (which brought shrieks of “Eeewww they’re slimey”) and then unloading dryer. We ran out of time to fold so….tomorrow! ☺️

Then…they had to make their own lunches….with mom approved food, of course, or BeanBoy would have packed all crap.

but mom….this is your job”


When lunches were made we split them up to do different tasks. CamMan washed the dishes…

….while BeanBoy was put to work vacuuming the living room by Hubby….

It all started as a fun little challenge in their minds…but…As each task finished and a new one was given to them….it quickly became a lot less fun!

“Mooomm….when can I be done so I can play?”

“Not till EVERYTHING is done.”

*another inner evil laugh*

Hmmm….maybe I am enjoying this too much. Nah! 

Post dishes and vacuuming was dinner time. No…I didn’t make my kids make the dinner. I’d never trust them with sharp utensils or the use of the stove and oven. In fact, thinking of BeanBoy with sharp objects and “fire” is a VERY scary thought! I had a pork roast slowly cooking away all day in my handy dandy crockpot! I whipped up some cheddar and herb biscuits during dishes time as well. It was all very tasty! After dinner came the “Can we go play NOW?” 

Should I cave now? Will they learn anything if I cave now? Nope. Pushing on with the punishment. Hang in there mama.

BeanBoy washed the dinner dishes while CamMan swept the kitchen floor. Then they picked up their toys. Then was shower time. After their showers, I told them it was almost bedtime. Ohhhhman! They were not happy campers! 

I did read them some short stories before bed! See….I’m not that mean.

After a nice loooong chat with mom and dad about how Soo not fun today was and how mom and dad do this EVERYDAY…we tucked them in with hugs and kisses and lots of “I love yous” so they know we aren’t mean to be mean, but to teach them something important!

Hopefully some ‘tudes will change and this disrespectful unappreciative phase they have been having has come to a quick and sudden end. 

If not….I’m sure I can find even more tasks for them to do.

Like cleaning the toilets! 😉